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Here is a list of all bachelor,  master (former diploma) and PhD theses written under the (co-)supervision of a member of the Research Station since 2019.

If you are interested in writing your thesis at the Resreach Station, please contact the favored supervisor directly.

PHD Thesis

On the Hofer–Zehnder Capacity of Twisted Tangent Bundles

Johanna Bimmermann

Topics in Persistent Homology: From Morse Theory for Minimal Surfaces to Efficient Computation of Image Persistence

Maximilian Schmahl

Polyfold methods for the study of periodic delay orbits.

Irene Seifert

The symplectic geometry of surface group representations in genus zero

Arnaud Maret

Periodic Bounce Orbits in Magnetic Billiard Systems.

Anna-Maria Vocke

The Horofunction Compactification of Finite-Dimensional Normed Spaces and of Symmetric Spaces.

Anna-Sofie Schilling

Cataclysm deformations for Anosov representations.

Mareike Pfeil

Symplectic groups over noncommutative rings and maximal representations.

Eugen Rogozinnikov

Singular fibers of Hitchin systems.

Johannes Horn

Domains of discontinuity of Anosov representations in flag manifolds and oriented flag manifolds

Florian Stecker

Generalized Schottky groups, oriented flag manifolds and proper actions

Nicolaus Treib

Rabinowitz Floer homology, leafwise intersections and topological entropy.

Matthias Meiwes

Master and Diploma Thesis

Der Hut - ein Einstein mit Anwendungsmöglichkeiten im Schulkontext

Hanna Klein

Illuminationsprobleme Rationaler Polygone

Kirsten Rheinberger

The visual boundaries of symmetric spaces

Computing Coefficients in Certain Normally Nonsingular Expansions

Tom Stalljohann

Multilevel training of residual neural networks

Leonie Kreis

A polyfold perspective on APS operator families and topology-changing domains

Tobias Witt

Phase space of billiards with and without magnetic field as symplectic quotient.

Gautam Dilip Banhatti

A Basmajian-type inequality for the indefinite orthogonal group.

Federica Bertolotti

A Contribution towards Graph Embedding in Symmetric Spaces.

Clemens Fruböse

Poisson geometry in evolutionary game theory.

Davide Legacci

Extending results of TDA to Bregman point clouds.

Máté László Telek

Character varieties and Lagrangian submanifolds.

Lukas Sauer

A twist condition for magnetic flows on the two-sphere.

Raphael Schlarb

Hofer-Zehnder capacity for magnetic systems on the two-sphere.

Johanna Bimmermann

Compact Lorentz 3-folds with non-compact isometry groups.

Oskar Riedler

Universal structures far from equilibrium in alpha complexes and persistent homology.

Daniel Spitz

Deformations of flags and convex sets in \(\mathbb{RP}^2\)

Sven Grützmacher

A boundary map to the Roller boundary of a CAT(0) cube complex

Tim Adler

Earthquakes in the hyperbolic plane

Mareike Pfeil

Andreev’s Theorem on 3-dimensional Hyperbolic Polyhedra

Andrea Rincón

Fixed points of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms on closed symplectically aspherical manifolds

Irene Elisabeth Seifert

Billards im Magnetfeld

Anna-Maria Vocke

Spektrale Netze und Fock-Goncharov Koordinaten

Evgenii Rogozinnikov

A family of representations for the modular group

Fabian Kißler

On Volume Rigidity of Lattices

Yannick M. Krifka

Spectral Networks - A story of Wall-Crossing in Geometry and Physics

Sebastian Schulz

Horofunction Compactification of Finite-Dimensional Normed Spaces and of Symmetric Spaces

Anna-Sofie Schilling

Bachelor Thesis

Mapping Class Groups and Fundamental Groups: a closer look at the Dehn Nielsen Baer theorem with illustration

Grenzen der Prädikatenlogik erster Stufe: Gödelscher Unvollständigkeitssatz und Satz von Löwenheim-Skolem

Miro Rashid

The multiplicity of the smallest positive eigenvalue of the Laplacian on the Klein Quartic

Benno Wendland

The n-queens completion problem

Danielle Eitelmann

Convex Techniques in Stochastic Linear Programming

Max Jungmann

Iterative Solution of Markov Decision Processes

Phil Neitzel

The Saddle Connection Graph of the Golden L

Isabel Giray

Periodic Bounce Orbits Obtained by Various Approximation Schemes

Jannik Westermann

Dimensionen fraktaler Schwämme, Methode der Konstruktion, Berechnung und Visualisierung

Cornelius Zenkert

Limit sets for once punctured torus groups acting discretely on the Riemann sphere

Marcel Stoklasa

Starrheit der Extremwerte der \(L_p\)-Norm der zentroaffinen Krümmung in zentroaffiner Parametrisierung

David Seyboldt

Polare und Hatchet Planimeter - ihre Theorie und Konstruktion

Aaron Paul Osburg

Löwner-John ellipsoids

Eric Ommert

CAT(0) spaces and Gromov's condition

Antonia Seifert

Apollonian circle packings

Global Surfaces of Section and the Hopf Fibration

Anna Ziegler

On Lerman’s Cut Construction

Tom Stalljohann

Universal Constants in 3-Dimensional Hyperbolic Manifolds.

Benedikt Pfahls

Algorithmic implementation of the solution to the word problem in Right-Angled Artin groups.

Jannis Heising

Blaschke Conjecture and Hopf Rigidity.

Christian Alber

Singularity Theorems with an emphasis on the interplay of low regularity and energy conditions.

Jonas von Berg

Reflection length in affine Coxeter groups.

Noam von Rotberg

Sharkovsky’s Theorem. A direct proof and further observations.

Caroline Edmaier

Die Penrose-Parkettierung mit Drachen und Pfeil.

Katharina Krapf

Scaling limits of random trees.

Tobias Schröder

Coxeter groups, the Davis complex, and isolated flats.

Ferdinand Vanmaele

Kreishomöomorphismen - Aspekte eines dynamischen Systems.

Johannes Wenzel

Reidemeistertorsion in der Morse-Novikov-Theorie.

Levin Maier

Über die Hyperbolizität des Kurvengraphen

Lukas Bohsung

Die Definition der euklidischen Geometrie über die Abstandsfunktion

Kira-Maria Rolli

The pentagrid as a device for the study of Penrose tilings

Markus Schreiber

Jørgensen Lemma

Fabian Cejka

Das Poincaré-Birkhoff Fixpunkttheorem und Anwendungen auf Billards

Anna-Maria Vocke