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A Basmajian-type inequality for the indefinite orthogonal group.

The purpose of this work is to prove a Basmajian-type inequality for the indefinite orthogonal group \(O(2, n)\). If you are wondering what Basmajian- type means, then probably you do not know the Basmajian identity: this beautiful equality was published by Basmajian in 1993 ([Bas93]) and it al- lows us to compute the length of the boundary of a compact hyperbolic surface in function of the length of some particular kind of geodesic con- tained in this surface.

The Basmajian-type inequality proved in this thesis is, instead, a gener- alization working in the context of the Hermitian symmetric space associated to the Lie group \(SO_0(2, n)\), for \(n \geq 3\).

Before of starting with the proper work, let me explain more in details what this Basmajian identity states and why one should consider exactly \(SO_0(2, n)\) for a possible generalization.

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Year: 2020

Author : Federica Bertolotti

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Pozzetti