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Congratulations, Colin!

We are happy to announce, that Colin Davalo successfully defended his PhD thesis "Geometric structures and representations of surface groups"!

In the first part of his thesis, Colin discusses parabolic structures constructed using a domain of discontinuity as well as their relation with the locally symmetric space for certain Anosov representations. More precisely, he studies the domains of discontinuity that can be interpreted as domains of proper Busemann functions.
The second part focuses on maximal representations in $Sp(2n, \mathbb{R})$,  and characterizes maximal representations in terms of geometric structures that admit a special fibration. Finally  maximal representations that are also Borel Anosov are studied, and it is shown in particular that in $Sp(4, \mathbb{R})$ these representations are Hitchin.

Congratulations, Colin! We wish you all the best for your future!


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