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Surfaces of section, Anosov Reeb flows, and the C2-stability conjecture for geodesic flows
Speaker: Marco Mazzucchelli

In this talk, based on joint work with Gonzalo Contreras, I will briefly sketch the proof of the existence of global surfaces of section for the Reeb flows of closed 3-manifolds satisfying a condition à la Kupka-Smale: non-degeneracy of the closed Reeb orbits, and transversality of the stable and unstable manifolds of the hyperbolic closed Reeb orbits.  I will then present an application of this theorem to hyperbolic Reeb dynamics: a Reeb flow on a closed 3-manifold is Anosov if and only if the closure of the subspace of closed Reeb orbits is hyperbolic and the Kupka-Smale transversality condition holds.  This result implies the validity of the C2-stability conjecture for Riemannian geodesic flows of closed surfaces: any such geodesic flow that is C2 structurally stable within the class of Riemannian geodesic flows must be Anosov. 

Date : Tue, Jun 13

Time: 11:00

Place: SR B