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Symplectic Geometry and Anosov Flows

The aim of the workshop is to explore the extent to which Symplectic Geometry may be leveraged in the study of Anosov flows, following recent advances at this interface.

Confirmed Speakers

    Thomas Barthelmé (Queen’s)
    Kai Cieliebak (Augsburg)
    Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell (Uppsala)
    Surena Hozoori (Rochester)
    Anna Florio (Paris Dauphine-PSL)
    Kathryn Mann (Cornell)
    Thomas Massoni (Princeton)
    Rafael Potrie (CMAT)
    Federico Salmoiraghi (Queen’s)


    Symplectic Aspects: Kai Cieliebak (3 lectures).
    Anosov Aspects: Rafael Potrie (3 lectures).

Location: Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg.


Webpage of the workshop

Date : Mon, Jul 22

Time: 07:00

Place: IWH Heidelberg