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In cooperation with HEGL, we offer BOGY- and Hector- internships. If you are interested, please write a short cover letter including motivation and CV to hegl[at]mathi.uni-heidelberg.de.

You can find an impression of the last projects below.

Visualizing Random Walks in the Poincaré Disc (Winter 2022)

Mentors: Anna Schilling, Diaaeldin Taha
Team members: Paul Martin
Description: In this two-week internship, we learned about the mathematics of random walks in the hyperbolic plane and simulated these dynamical systems.
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Games of Chance and Skill (Summer 2022)

Mentors: Anna Schilling, Diaaeldin Taha
Team members: Max Dörich (DBG Eppelheim), Lukas Kühlwein (DBG Eppelheim)
Details: This project aimed to introduce the interns to the mathematics of games of chance and skill using computer explorations. During the first week, we studied the game SET using algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and computer simulations. During the second week, we learned about the Sprague–Grundy theorem, and how to write programs that play famous impartial games perfectly.